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What is Apostille Attestation.

Apostille is one of the  form of attestation done by MEA. Ministry of External Affairs  (MEA ) attests the documents in two forms .

Normal attestations goes with a countries those are not a part of Hague convention. Under this category of attestation generally an Embassy attestation is also required after MEA attestation.

Apostille attestation is basically for the countries those are part of Hague convention. Under the process of Apostille attestations Ministry of External Affairs  (MEA ) pastes a rectangular apostille sticker on the document. After having apostille a document will be conisederd as an authentic document and will acceptable by  all the countries those a part of Hague convention. Generally after an apostille done attestation from Embassy is not required.

What is the process for Apostille Attestation

Apostille attestation is process is very simple and get completes in simple two steps.

Step 1 : Documents need to get pre-authenticated from respective state authorities like HRD/ Home / COC (state authorities will depends upon type of documents and get changed accordingly ).

Step 2 :  MEA will apostille the document after pre-authenticated from respective state authorities.

What are the different types of documents comes under Apostille attestation.

There are three types of documents:

Educational Documents

Personal Documents

Commercial Documents

What are the different state authorities for pre-authentications.

State authorities for pre-authentications depends upon type of documents:

State HRD will authenticate Educational Documents

State Home department will authenticate Personal Documents

Chamber of commerce will attest the Commercial Documents.

Is that difficult to get an Apostille attestation

No, its very easy . MEA has made an easy process to get an Apostille attestation. There is no complication ans an applicant can get without any hassles.

Do I required an Embassy attestations also after Apostille.

Generally, an Embassy attestations is not required after having an Apostille attestations.

Can I get an  Apostille attestations from MEA directly without any pre-authentications.

No, pre-authentications from respective state authorities is a mandatory part of the process . Applicant can only request for an apostille once the document is authenticated by respective sate only.

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