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What is the difference between Apostille attestation and an Embassy attestation

There is specific guidelines for an Apostille attestation and an Embassy attestation. The set of the countries those are part of the Hauge convention an Apostille format of attestation goes with them. After an Apostille done by MEA an embassy attestation is not required. After MEA apostille the document will be considered as an authenticated document and can be used for various purposes in the countries which are part of Hague Convention.

An apostille is a rectangle shape sticker which MEA will paste on the backside of original document.

Can I get an apostille attestation on photocopy or scan documents.

Apostille attestation will be done only on the original documents. As per the guidelines an original document is required.

Is there any other attestation required prior to Apostille attestation.

There is a proper guidelines issued by MEA for an apostille attestation . An applicant has to get pre-authentication from respective authorities before producing to MEA.

What are the supporting documents required.

Generally along with an original document a copy of passport is mandatory to get an attestation from MEA.

If I required an Embassy attestation what should be my request to MEA.

For an Embassy attestation an applicant should request for normal MEA attestation.

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