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MEA Attestation and Apostille

Let us simplify the process of documents Attestation:

Generally when it comes to documents attestation form MEA, the process looks very complicated. While this process is not at all complicated, it is very simple process. If there is any confusion in this process then it is better to understand it once. Let us describe you how to make an attestation process simple.

First we should know why MEA attestation is required:

MEA Attestation is a process under which an applicant proves the genuineness of their documents which they are going to use in foreign countries for various purposes. Under the process of MEA attestation the document will go from various steps before final MEA attestation. The various steps are subject to type to documents. A pre-authentication is mandatory before getting MEA attestation. Pre-authentication depends upon the type of document.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attests an Indian originated in two form ( Normal or Apostille) depending upon in which country an applicant is going to use. Before getting MEA attestation a document need to be pre-authenticated from state authorities which has issued the document.

Different Types of MEA Attestation

Apostille format will be for the countries comes under Hague Convention.

Normal Format for the countries which do not come under Hague Convention.

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What are the purpose of MEA Attestation / Apostille

There are various purposes for which an Individual requires an attestation / apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It’s basically a proof that your document is genuine . After having an attestation or apostille  from MEA an applicant can use it for the country where he/ she is producing the document and that country will accept an authenticity of your documents. Broadly applicants applies for MEA attestation for VISA purposes, school admissions or higher education in foreign countries , business agreements with foreign partners , etc.

There are three types of documents:

  • Educational Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

There is a set process to get an attestation / apostille on your documents. Before producing your documents to MEA an individual requires pre-authentication of the document from the state which has issued the documents.

In case of an Educational documents it’s HRD of respective state which will pre-authenticate.

In case of an Non Educational / Personal documents it’s Home Department of respective state which will pre-authenticate.

In case of an Commercial documents it’s Chamber of Commerce which will pre-authenticate.

After pre- authentication an individual can request for MEA attestation / Apostille.

Momentum International services is having team of experts which can assist you how to get an attestation / apostille. You can call us we will provide you a consultancy free of cost. Our Experts will help you to make you understand how the complete the process. Don’t get confuse just call us and we will be happy to guide you.

  • Normal MEA Attestation
  • Apostille Services


Educational Documents.

Step 1: Pre-authentication from respective state  HRD

Step 2 : Ministry of External affairs ( MEA) attestation / Apostille

Non –Educational/ Personal Documents.

Step 1: Pre-authentication from respective state  Home Department

Step 2 : Ministry of External affairs ( MEA) attestation / Apostille

Commercial Documents.

Step 1: Pre-authentication from Chamber of Commerce (COC)

Step 2 : Ministry of External affairs ( MEA) attestation / Apostille

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