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Three Easy Steps to get Qatar Embassy Attestation for an Educational Documents

During the process of Qatar Embassy attestations for an Educational documents applicants get confused and presumes that it’s a complicated process, where actually it’s not a complicated process, it’s easy and very simple. The process of Qatar Embassy Attestation for an Educational Documents has only three easy steps. Need not to get confused, just follow the Embassy guidelines and you will find that it’s really not complicated.

What is the purpose of Qatar Embassy Attestation for an Educational Documents?

An Indian applicant who is applying for a work visa for Qatar has to get his/her documents attested from Qatar Embassy in India. After having an authenticated documents from Qatar Embassy in India applicant can further go for Visa process.

What are the Educational Documents required for an attestation from Qatar Embassy.

Qatar Embassy requires the following documents:

  • Original Degree
  • Mark sheet
  • Bonafied   certificate

How to get Qatar Embassy Attestation for an Educational Documents.

There are three simple and easy steps to get an Educational Document attestation from Qatar Embassy:

Step 1 : It is mandatory to ge an authentication from respective state HRD which has issued the document.

Step 2 : After HRD authentications , MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) will attest the document.

Step 3 : Simply, after MEA attestation summit your documents for a Qatar Embassy Attestation.

Without HRD attestation can I get Qatar Embassy attestation:

HRD attestation is mandatory step to get attestation from Qatar Embassy. Without HRD attestation an applicant can’t apply for Qatar Embassy attestation.

Is that difficult to get Qatar Embassy attestation:

Qatar Embassy is very supportive for all Indian applicants. If the document has properly pre- authenticated as per the guidelines then an applicant can easily get Qatar Embassy attestation without any hassles.

Do I need to summit the documents without lamintation .

Yes, applying for an attestation the document should be without lamination.

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