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What is HRD Attestation

HRD attestation is s process under which an applicant get his/her educational documents authenticated from respective state which has issued the Educational document. HRD is also known is Ministry of Human Resource Development .

Why HRD Attestation is required .

HRD attestation is an important part of the process for the applicants those are applying for their candidature in foreign countries for various purposes like work visa, higher education ,etc.

If I am not in the state from where I did my education can I get a HRD attestation from other state also.

No , HRD attestation has to be from respective state only. Other states can’t do HRD attestation for the documents which are not issued from their state.

What is the process of HRD Attestation

Generally, it has two steps process:

Step 1 Verifications of document from respective university frm where an applicant has completed his/her studies.

Step 2 HRD authentications will be done after university verifications.

What documents required for HRD Attestation

Generally the following documents are required:

  • Original Degree / Certificate
  • Photographs
  • Copy of all year mark- sheets
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of appointment letter / Offer letter from foreign employer

What are the charges for HRD Attestation.

There is very minimal charges and that varies from sate to state .

How much time will it take to get HRD attestation.

It varies from state to state.

Is that complicated or difficult to get an attestation from sate HRD.

No, it’s not atoll difficult or complicated. The process is very simple and an applicant can easily get an attestation from HRD.

Can state HRD refuse to authenticate my educational documents.

No, HRD never refuses for an authentications on Genuine documents.   

Do I need to remove Lamination from my document.

Yes, generally for any authentications documents should not be laminated.

Can I get an online attestations also.

Yes , there are the documents for which an online attestation process is also available. Which is very easy a hassles free.

Do I need to hire any agents services for HRD attestation.

No, an applicant can get directly HRD attestations on their educational documents. Don’t get confuse and waste your time and money. HRD attestation process is very simple and an applicant can get it without any complications.

You can call Momentum International Services for any assistance and we will assist you Free of cost .

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