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How to get a Kuwait Embassy attestation on Documents

Kuwait Embassy has defined very easy process of documents attestation. The process is not atoll complicated and doesn’t take too much time to complete the process. There is no need to get confused any applicant who is looking for Kuwait Embassy attestation just follow the three steps process to complete an attestation.

What is the purpose of Kuwait Embassy Attestation

There are various purposes like Work visa, Dependent Visa, School Admission, Business purposes , etc

Kuwait Embassy has divided the documents into three categories based upon purpose of attestation

Educational Documents

(Degree, Diploma, Mark Sheet, Transcript, etc.)

Personal / Non Educational Documents

(Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, etc.)

Commercial Documents

(Company incorporation certificate, POA, Memorandum of article, Packing list, etc.)

Category of documents will define the process of Kuwait Embassy attestation:

Educational Documents:

Simply get authenticated from respective state HRD .

Get a MEA attestation

Finally summit your document for Kuwait Embassy attestation

Personal / Non Educational Documents

Pre- authenticated from respective state Home .

After Pre- authenticated MEA attestation

Finally Kuwait Embassy attestation

Commercial Documents

It’s a Chamber of Commerce which will attest the document under first step .

MEA attestation

Get Kuwait Embassy attestation

Is there any charges for Kuwait Embassy attestation

There is very minimal charges for an attestation from Kuwait Embassy.

Attestation will be done on an original Document or Photocopy.

Attestation will be done on an original documents only. Attestation will be not done of scan or photocopy of the document.

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