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Why Documents Attestation required

Documents attestation / authentications is an important aspect for the candidates those are producing there documents in foreign countries for various purposes like work visa , spouse visa , dependent visa, student visa , applying to foreign countries for higher  education , etc.

Is there any set process for Documents Attestation.

There is a set process for documents attestation and all applicants needs to follow the guidelines given by that country in which they are applying along with the guidelines of Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA).

Do we need to get an Embassy Attestation also after MEA Attestation.

It depends upon country to country. The countries which comes under Hauge convention an Embassy attestation is not required. MEA will Apostille the document and that is sufficient.

The countries which is not a part of Hauge convention needs to go for an Embassy attestation also followed by MEA attestation.

What type of documents MEA attests.

MEA attests three kind of documents.

Educational Documents.

Non-Educational / Personal Documents.

Commercial Documents .

What is the process of MEA Attestation

Educational Documents.

HRD from respective state + MEA Attestation / Apostille.

Non-Educational / Personal Documents.

Home department attestation from respective state + MEA Attestation / Apostille.

Commercial Documents .

Chamber of Commerce attestation + MEA Attestation / Apostille.

( After Normal MEA attestation an Embassy attestation may also required)

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